Accommodations at the University of Windsor

On-Campus Housing

On-campus accommodations have been arranged, through Conference Services, at Macdonald Hall. Rooms are single occupancy on the 10th floor (the top floor) of the residence. Each room is equipped with a mini fridge and there is a microwave on each floor. Basic cooking facilities are located in the basement of the building. Washrooms are shared by the floor and are gender specific.

The cost is $100.00 per week. You will be asked to pay a $225.00 deposit when you complete the application.

Applications are completed online at:

You will need your University of Windsor ID to complete the application.

Please note that you will be applying to the Inter/Summer 2017 Term. Once you click on the term the type of student field will populate. We are the only PhD Program in attendance this summer - so please be sure to click on the PhD as the type of student you will be during the summer term. This will let Conference Services know to put you in one of the single occupancy rooms in Macdonald Hall.

Off-Campus Housing

There are a number of options for off-campus accommodations. Please refer to the Off Campus Housing website at:

Canterbury College

Canterbury College is an affiliate college of the University of Windsor and is a not for profit charitable corporation in the business of providing education and residence opportunities for students.  

Canterbury College owns ten houses featuring furnished private rooms. The houses provide excellent accommodation, having a warm home-like atmosphere. All houses have well equipped shared kitchens with multiple refrigerators and freezers to ensure each resident has adequate storage space for individual food preferences. Wireless internet is provided to each house, as well as a modern on-site laundry and outdoor BBQs. Onsite parking is also available. As a mature student residence, Canterbury College works to ensure that each student resident is provided the opportunity and support needed to work towards their academic and professional goals from the comfort of their home.

The rental schedule works on the academic calendar, and also rents through the summer months, (summer cost of $650 per room per month). You can find more information, as well as an online application, at You can also call Brenda Smith directly at 519-971-3646 if you have any questions or to make a reservation.

Shared homes include:

Apartments include:

  • Private bedrooms (fully furnished: desk, chair, bed, linens, dresser, closet, and more furniture depending on room size)
  • Fully furnished shared kitchens (large and small appliances, utensils, flatware, etc.)
  • Modern, on-site laundry in each house
  • Weekly housekeeping in common areas
  • WIFI
  • Multiple shared bathrooms
  • Shared common rooms
  • 24/7 Campus Police Surveillance
  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Contact
  • Secured entrances
  • Excellent community/networking atmosphere
  • Unfurnished, private apartments
  • Kitchen with refrigerator and stove
  • Full bathroom
  • Modern, on-site laundry in the building with multiple machines
  • WIFI
  • Common room with some games
  • 24/7 Campus Police Surveillance
  • 24/7 Emergency Maintenance Contact
  • Secured entrances




All properties include:


  • Full-time office staff