Student Appeals

A student wishing to appeal a grade:

  • Must first discuss the grade with the instructor who issued it within twenty working days of the release of grades
  • If the issue is not resolved – the student must contact the Associate Dean or Chair of Graduate Studies in Education at their home university
    • The Associate Dean or Chair refers the matter to the Director and Program Committee
  • Program Committee will seek the informed opinion of a core faculty member in the Joint PhD program in the same field of study as the student (typically within 10 working days)
    • This person will be asked to re-assess any paper(s)/course work assignments submitted for grading, where the final grade is disputed. This assessment normally will be made within ten working days
  • If re-assessment does not does result in a conclusion satisfactory to the student, the student may utilize the appeals procedure in place at the home university
    • Students should take into consideration time lines and assessment fees related to appeals in force at the home university