Transfers from the home university

Only in exceptional circumstances will a transfer from one home university to another be considered.

  • Students must submit a written request to transfer, outlining academic reasons, to the Associate Dean/Chair of Graduate studies in Education at their current Home University
    • Proposed new supervisor must be outlined with their written confirmation agreeing to supervise student’s doctoral work
  • This request will be sent to the Director for discussion with the Program Committee
  • There is no obligation on the part of the prospective receiving university to receive a student requesting transfer
  • Mutual agreement between all faculty members directly involved in the transfer, the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the transfer university, and by the Director and Program Committee is required
  • For funded full-time students: continued funding cannot be guaranteed and will be available only if resources permit at the receiving university

Transfers from one Field of Study to Another

Only in exceptional circumstances can students apply for a transfer to another field of study.

  • If requesting a transfer after completing Doctoral Seminar II, it is typically required that students take the online field of study course in the field to which the transfer is requested
  • Before formally applying to transfer to a different field of study, students must discuss this matter with their supervisor and Associate Dean/Chair of Graduate Studies in Education at the Home University, explaining why the transfer fits their best interests academically
  • The Associate Dean/Chair of Graduate Studies in Education will determine whether faculty at the Home University are in agreement that the transfer may take place, before the matter is taken further
    • A supervisor in the new field of study at the Home University must be secured
  • The Program Committee also has to approve of the transfer request
    • A field of study transfer is considered complete when the Director notifies the student, supervisor and Associate Dean/Chair of Graduate Studies in Education at the Home University of the decision of the Program Committee