The following is a brief overview of the protocols for voluntary withdrawal requests and involuntary withdrawals. For more information, please see the Program Handbook.

Voluntary Withdrawal & Application for Re-Admission

  • Legitimate reasons must be provided to explain the need both for voluntary withdrawal and the desire to apply for re-admission
  • For students who have yet to defend their Comprehensive Portfolio:
    • The Associate Dean/Chair of Graduate Studies in Education forwards the request and supporting documentation to the Program Committee indicating support for the request
    • The Program Committee deliberates, and if granted, Home University protocols apply
  • For doctoral candidates who are completing the dissertation:
    • The Associate Dean/Chair of Graduate Studies in Education may seek to forward the request and supporting documentation to the Program Committee for their input and Home University protocols apply

The Associate Dean/Chair of Graduate Studies in Education, in consultation with the Program Committee, considers applications for re-admission on a case-by-case basis. If applying to be re-admitted after two years:

  • Specific academic requirements need to be met before re-admission is considered
    • Individual circumstances will determine the conditions for possible re-entry to the program, such as the normal application process, and re-doing some or all of the course work taken to date
  • Financial penalties levied on a student when applying to be re-admitted to the program are determined by policies at the home university

Involuntary Withdrawal

Students are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct and demonstrate integrity in all aspects of their course work and exit requirements. Students may be required to withdraw from a course or the program due to academic or non-academic misconduct.

  • The Academic Integrity Policy of the home university outlines definitions, regulations, and procedures concerning suspected cases of academic misconduct
  • Non-academic misconduct and repercussions are outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Behaviour of the home university
  • Students are also expected to demonstrate satisfactory progress in the program
    • Academic progress will be determined through the Annual Progress Report and consultation with the supervisor, Associate Dean and/or Chair of the Graduate Studies in Education and Program Committee