Welcome from Acting Dean, Faculty of Education

Welcome to the Faculty of Education at the University of Windsor. It is an exceptional privilege to be one of the three collaborating universities in this unique and timely doctoral program in Educational Studies, of which you are all members, whether you are beginning your first summer research seminar or your second as a soon-to-be thesis student. And it is a special privilege for us here at Windsor to host the doctoral research seminars this summer.

As doctoral researchers you are responsible for opening doors to new ways of understanding the crucial importance of education in our world today- whether it be in learning the pathways of human behavior and development, the policy and leadership structures needed to make that process thrive in multiple contexts, or the rich, complex diversity of social and cultural environments in which education takes place. Both in your interactive seminars and your individual and collective research, as Education specialists you will be contributing substantially to the growth of knowledge and awareness needed to make our world a better place to live for all peoples, from local village to national partnerships. Education whether of child or adult, individual or community, is the primal key to wellness, justice, equity, and prosperity in our world. Enjoy this immense privilege, and welcome.

With all best wishes,

Dr Katherine M. Quinsey, Acting Dean
Faculty of Education
University of Windsor