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2014 Summer Keynote Speaker – Dr. David Smith

2014 Summer Keynote Speaker – Dr. David Smith

Dr. David SmithDr. David Geoffrey Smith is a professor emeritus at the University of Alberta, Department of Secondary Education (www.ualberta.ca/~smithdg/).

For the past twenty years, Dr. Smith’s research and writing have been in the areas of curriculum studies, teacher education, interpretive research and the study of pedagogy as a form of cultural mediation.

Dr. Smith has a number of books and papers published. His most current book, available May 2014, is Teaching as the Practice of Wisdom.  Other publications include: Trying to teach in a season of great untruth: Globalization, empire and the crises of pedagogy (2006) and Pedagon: Interdisciplinary essays in the human sciences, pedagogy and culture (1999).

Dr. Smith was awarded for the most outstanding publication in Curriculum Studies, by the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, in 2003 for “On enfraudening the Public Sphere, the futility of empire and the future of knowledge after ‘America’. He was awarded the McCalla Research Professorship in 2006, in 2008 received the Publications Award from the Canadian Association for Foundations in Education (CAFÉ), and in 2011 received the Ted T. Aoki Award for Distinguished Service in Canadian Curriculum Studies.

2014 Joint PhD Summer Session Keynote Address

Dr. Smith will base his presentation on key ideas from his 2014 book, Teaching as the Practice of Wisdom, published by Bloomsbury (UK). As part of this address, he deliberates the nature of teaching at a time increasingly defined by: a) technology-based ease of access to information; b) the coercion of public education into the logics and processes of The Market; and c) the saturation of most public media with a particular ideological end-in-view.


David Geoffrey Smith. Teaching as the Practice of Wisdom. Bloomsbury: New York, 2014, 240 pp. Introduction.

David Geoffrey Smith. Teaching as the Practice of Wisdom. Bloomsbury: New York, 2014, 240 pp. Chapter One: Wisdom Responses to Globalization: The Pedagogic Context.