Joint PhD's Summer Doctoral Presentations

The Joint PhD in Educational Studies Program has hosted many stellar presenters for our Summer Doctoral Sessions over the years. You can find links to these powerful presentations below.

Once again, but this time with feeling. (keynote presentation)
Dr. Deborah Britzman (biography and readings)
(Summer 2017 at the University of Windsor)

Freedom Thwarted: Post-Obama and the Struggle for the Demos (keynote presentation)
Dr. Rinaldo Walcott (biography and readings)
(Summer 2016 at Brock University)

Viva Other Ways of Knowing! Decolonizing Education through Participatory Arts-Based Research (keynote presentation)
Dr. Deborah Barndt (biography and readings)
(Summer 2015 at Lakehead University)

Teaching as the Practice of Wisdom (keynote presentation)
Dr. David Geoffrey Smith (biography and readings)
(Summer 2014 at the University of Windsor)                                  

The Source of Conflicts About Education
Dr. Kieran Egan (biography)
(Summer 2013 at Brock University)

The Researching Self: What Indigenous Methodologies Offer Us
Dr. Margaret Kovach (biography)
(Summer 2012 at Lakehead University)