Joint PhD educational studies




Thank you for your interest in the Joint PhD in Educational Studies Program.​ Applications for the 2023 Academic Year are now closed. 

Joint PhD in Educational Studies Program

Experts In Every Subject

The Joint PhD in Educational Studies is offered by Lakehead University, the University of Windsor and Brock University.  In bringing together a high number of qualified faculty with a broad spectrum of expertise and research interests, the program provides enhanced opportunities for depth and breadth in supervisory expertise. As well, it provides opportunities in generating new knowledge and directions in research. With a focus on nurturing students as developing scholars and leaders we promote professional development through collaboration fostering links between schools and universities, and promote partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally.

Individualized plan of study

Inter-university teams of instructors and supervisory committees

Full-time and part-time study (part-time available at Brock & Windsor only)

Face-to-face and web-based instruction

Collaboration across universities

Comprehensive portfolio

An innovative personalized approach to comprehensive examinations

Cognition and Learning

Critically examines the cognitive, behavioural, social-emotional, and cultural processes of educators and students by drawing upon psychology, philosophy, sociology, sciences, and other disciplines.

Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Explores the ethical, social, cultural, philosophical, and historical aspects of educational policy, leadership, and organizations.

Social/Cultural/Political Contexts of Education

Draws upon the humanities, sociology, cultural studies, anthropology, history, politics, and arts in relation to education.