Current Students



Mohamad Ayoub (University of Windsor, 2014). “An Investigation of the Experiences of Syrian Refugee Students in Canadian Elementary Schools: A Mixed-Methods Study”.  Supervisor: Dr. George Zhou

Brandy Doan (University of Windsor, 2015). “The Role of Bounded Rationality in School Improvement”.  Supervisor: Dr. Dragana Martinovic.

Susan Docherty-Skippen (Brock University, 2015).   “Self-Care as a Pedagogical Ontology in the Professional Care Practice of Others and with Others: A Hermeneutic Phenomenology of Self-Care in Nursing Education”.  Supervisor: Dr. Hilary Brown.

John Freer (University of Windsor, 2015). “Students’ Attitudes Toward Disability: A Tripartite Interventions”.  Supervisor: Dr. Cam Cobb.

Tracey Gurbin (University of Windsor, 2013). “Learning that Sustains the Use of an Appropriate Technology”.  Supervisor: Dr. George Zhou.

Alaa Kutbi (University of Windsor, 2015). “Perceptions of Female Faculty Members at King Abdulaziz University on Social Media as a Teaching Tool: Challenges and Best Practices”.  Supervisor: Dr.  Zuochen Zhang.

Jessica Msofe (Lakehead University, 2016). “Focusing on the Future: Congolese Students’ Perceptions of and Experiences with Secondary Education in Nyarugusu Camp”.  Supervisor: Dr. Seth Agbo.

Sharon Oake (Brock University, 2009).“Faculty Perspectives on e-Learning Policy in a Canadian University”.  Supervisor:  Renée Kuchapski.

Cathy VanderVliet (Brock University, 2013).“Negotiating a Gendered Neo-Calvinist Pillar: Immigrant Loss, Transformation, and Lifelong Learning”.   Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Taber.


Kimberly Hillier (University of Windsor, 2012). “Motherhood and Academia: Exploring the Experiences of Graduate Student and Faculty Mothers within the Southwestern Ontario Context”.    Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Greig.

Jeffrey Irvine (Brock University, 2012).Investigating the Impact of Lessons Based on Marzano’s Theory of Learning on Student Attitude, Engagement, and Achievement in Grade 10 Academic Mathematics”. Supervisor: Dr. Xavier Fazio.

Justine Jecker (Lakehead University, 2015). “Improving Indigenous Access to Healthcare Services Through Inter-professional Collaboration”.  Supervisor: Dr. Seth Agbo.

Laura Lane (Brock University, 2011).  “Facebooking for Feminism: Social Network Sites as Feminist Learning Spaces”.  Supervisor: Dr. Nancy Taber.

Enoka Makulloluwa (Brock University, 2012).  Utilizing ESL Learners’ Socio-Cognitive Resources to Enhance General Academic Vocabulary Acquisition”.  Supervisor: Dr. Tiffany Gallagher.

Martha Moon (Lakehead University, 2014).  “Learning through relationship: In-Context development for teachers of Indigenous Students.”  Supervisor: Dr. Paul Berger

Sharon Moukperian (Brock University, 2006). “Investigating the Emotional Impact of Narrative Dialogue on Struggling Readers’ Discovery of Learning Potential”.  Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Rowsell.

Kimberly Radersma (Brock University, 2013).  “Exploring the Implications of White Teacher Identity in a Critical Participatory Action Research Study”.  Supervisor: Dr. Dolana Mogadime

Jody Rebek (Lakehead University, 2015).  “Mindful Leader Development of Undergraduate Students”.  Supervisor: Dr. Seth Agbo.

Sean Schat (Brock University, 2012).  Exploring Adolescent Student Perceptions and Experiences of Educational Care.”  Supervisor: Dr. Trevor Norris.

Sara Shahbazi (University of Windsor, 2016) . Finding the Right Fit: Exploring ESL Teachers and Students’ Perceptions of iLit ELL, a Technology-based Literacy Programs Use with High School English Language Learners”.  Supervisor: Dr. Geri Salinitri.

Justin Teeuwen (University of Windsor, 2015).  “Investigating the Transfer of Metacognition to Domains Distinct from Mathematics”.  Supervisor: Dr. Geri Salinitri.

Shuzhen Zhao (Windsor University, 2012).  “A Study of Graduate Students’ Information Literacy Needs in the Electronic Resource Environment”.  Supervisor: Dr. George Zhou.


Paola Borin (Brock University, 2011). “Impact and Effects of Learning Outcome-Oriented Program Review Policy Changes in Ontario Universities”.  Supervisor: Dr. Louis Volante

Susan Boyko (Brock University, 2008). “Because it Breaks Your Heart: A Study of Transformational Learning Among Adults with Cancer.”  Supervisor: Dr. Sharon Abbey.

Kristen Clarke (Brock University, 2011). “Informal Teacher Leaders: Secondary School Teachers’ Perceptions of How They Collaboratively Construct and Implement Classroom Assessment Policy and Practice.”  Supervisor: Dr. Denise Armstrong.

Julia Colella (University of Windsor, 2013). “Plagiarism, Education, Perceptions and Responsibilities in Post-Secondary Education.”  Supervisor: Dr. Terry Sefton.

James Czank (Lakehead University, 2010).  “People in Discursive Spaces: Entry-level Humanities Education for Non-traditional Adult Learners.”  Supervisor: Dr. Juanita Ross Epp.

Boguslawa Gatarek (University of Windsor, 2009).  “Animals are Us: Applying the Common Ingroup Identity Model to Humane Education.”  Supervisor: Dr. Dragana Martinovic.

Betsy Keating (University of Windsor, 2008). “Undergraduate Teaching Assistants’ Conceptions of Teaching.”  Supervisor: Dr. Erika Kustra.

Frank Nezavdal (Brock University, 2007). “A Qualitative Study of Principals’ and Vice-Principals’ Awareness, Readiness, and Response to Discrepancy in Student Outcomes in a Greater Toronto Area School District.”  Supervisor: Dr. Dolana Mogadime.

Melissa Oskineegish (Lakehead University, 2013).  “The Role of Self-Reflective Practices in an ‘Aboriginal Education’ Course in Teacher Education.”  Supervisor: Dr. Paul Berger.

Anouchka Plumb (University of Windsor, 2008).  “International Students’ Perceived University Schooling Experience in the Face of Internationalization.”  Supervisor: Dr. Christopher J. Greig.

Alexa Scully (Lakehead University, 2010).  “Whiteness and Land in Indigenous Education in Canadian Teacher Education”.  Supervisor: Dr. Paul Berger.

Owen Webb (Brock University, 2013). “Leading Restorative Change: A Case Study of Implementing and Sustaining Restorative Culture in an Ontario Middle School.” Supervisor: Dr. Julien Kitchen.


Jennifer Brant (Brock University, 2011). “Journeying Toward a Praxis of Indigenous Maternal Pedagogy: Lessons from Our Sweetgrass Baskets.” Supervisor: Dr. Michelle McGinn.

Nisreen Elkord (University of Windsor, 2010). “Arab Immigrant High School Students’ Perceptions of their High School Experiences in Canada: A Narrative Inquiry.” Supervisor: Dr. Shijing Xu.

Ju Huang (University of Windsor, 2011). “A Narrative Inquiry into Chinese Pre-Service Teacher Education and Induction in Southwest China through Cross-Cultural Teacher Development.” Supervisor: Dr. Shijing Xu.

Nina Lee (Brock University, 2010). “Teaching Learners of English as an Additional Language: Re-Concenptualizing Mainstrem Teacher Preparedness in the Growing Linguistic Mosaic of Ontario.” Supervisor: Dr. Chunlei Lu.

Perez Oyugi (Brock University, 2011). “Institutional Dimensions of Professional Knowledge: Implications for School Administrator Constructions of Equitable Leadership Knowledge in Kenya and Canada”. Supervisor: Dr. Denise Armstrong.

Laxmi Pathak (Lakehead University, 2013).  “Opportunities for Character Development in Multi-Cultural Settings.”  Supervisor: Dr. Wayne Melville

Barbara Pollard (University of Windsor, 2011). “Exploring the Facilitation of Critical Consciousness with Preservice Teachers.” Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Greig.

Leigh Potvin (Lakehead University, 2013). “More than Pink Shirts and Posters: Beyond the Limits of Anti-Homophobia Education.” Supervisor: Dr. Gerald Walton.

Antonio Redfern-Pucci (Lakehead University, 2010).  “The Consumed University: Probing Neoliberalism in Higher Education.”  Supervisor: Dr. Gerald Walton.

Joanne Reid (Brock University, 2008). “The Experience of Being a Collaborative Writer.” Supervisor: Dr. Susan Drake.

Monique Somma (Brock University, 2013). “Special Educators’ Experiences of Change Through Inclusive Education: The Development of the Inclusion Continuum of Change.” Supervisor: Dr. Sheila Bennett.

Varainja Stock (Lakehead University, 2012). “The Transformative Potential of Community and Collective Arts Pedagogies in Thunder Bay, Canada.” Supervisor: Dr. Pauline Sameshima.

Sirous Tabrizi (University of Windsor, 2014). “A Comparison of Educational Leadership in Islamic and Western Countries and a Suggestion of a Model for a Global Society.” Supervisor: Dr. Glenn Rideout.


Danielle Beckett (Brock University, 2008) “The Untried Path: Exemplary School Teachers’ Understanding of and Experience with Classroom Assessment.” Supervisor: Dr. Susan Drake.

Po-Ling Bork (Brock University 2010) “Augmented Video Self-Modeling as an Intervention Technique for Young Children with Selective Mutism: An Explanatory Sequential Study.” Supervisor: Dr. Sheila Bennett.

Carol Carruthers (University of Windsor, 2013) “How the Affordance Provided by a Technology-enhanced Learning Intervention can Impact the Self-awareness and Self-regulation of Community College Foundational Mathematics Students.” Supervisor: Dr. Dragana Martinovic.

Kara Delicata (University of Windsor, 2011) “Gender, Ableism, and Schooling: Exploring the Experiences of Women with Physical Disabilities and Women with Learning Challenges in a Post Secondary Context.” Supervisor: Dr. Christopher Greig.

Patricia Hopper (University of Windsor, 2008) “Podium Discourse: Verbal Communication in Secondary School Band Programs.” Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Bayley.

Blessing Igbokwe (University of Windsor, 2009) “Environmental Literacy Assessment – Assessing the Strength of an Environmental Education Program (Eco Schools) in Ontario Secondary Schools for Environmental Literacy Acquisition.” Supervisor: Dr. Geri Salinitri.

Gail Kuhl (Lakehead University, 2009) “Living Well in a World with Wolves: Educators’ Perspectives.” Supervisor: Dr. Connie Russell.

Cynthia Parr (Brock University, 2010) “Facilitating an Educational Development Initiative Focused on Reading Comprehension Instruction: Exploring University Professors’ Experiences and Beliefs.” Supervisor: Dr. Vera Woloshyn.

Andrea Prier (University of Windsor, 2011) “From Exceptional to Expelled: Exploring the Psychological Types of Exceptionally Bright but Academically ‘At-Risk’ University Learners.” Supervisor: Dr. Geri Salinitri.

Tracy Shields (Lakehead University, 2012) “Cross-cultural Organizations and the Empowerment of First Nations Learners.” Supervisor: Dr. Wayne Melville.

Adam Stibbards (Lakehead University, 2009) “Embodied Transformation: Tapping into the Nature of Emergent Learning.” Supervisor: Dr. Tom Puk.

Philip Teeuwsen (Brock University, 2007)  “Understanding the Intersection of Reformed Faith and Dutch Immigrant Culture in Ontario Independent Christian Schools: Principals’ Experiences and Perspectives.” Supervisor: Dr. Susan Tilley.

David Thompson (University of Windsor, 2011) “Complexity Theory and Interprofessional Education in Health.” Supervisor: Dr. Darren Stanley.


Atinuke Adeyemi (University of Windsor, 2011) “Investigating and Overcoming Mathematics Anxiety in In-Service Elementary School Teachers.” Supervisor: Dr. Dragana Martinovic.

Peter Bates (University of Windsor, 2010) “Navigating Curricular Change in the Visual Arts in Ontario.” Supervisor: Dr. Terry Sefton.

James Borland (University of Windsor, 2009) “An Historical Geography of Ontario School-Board-Operated Outdoor Education Centres.” Supervisor: Dr. Larry Glassford.

Kristen Jones-Bonofiglio (Lakehead University, 2009) “What Guides us Here? Exploring community health nurses’ experiences of moral distress.” Supervisor: Dr. Sonja Grover.

Rahul Kumar (Brock University, 2004) “University Faculty Members’ Understanding of their Role: Identity, Power and Silence.” Supervisor: Dr. Coral Mitchell

Kristine Lake (Lakehead University, 2006) “Elementary Schoolchildren’s Perspectives on Character: An exploration using a children’s rights participatory framework.” Supervisor: Dr. Sonja Grover.

Monique Mallet-Boucher (Brock University, 2009) “The Lived Experience of Nursing Students with Formatie Assessment Formally Embedded in Clinical Courses: A Transcendental Phenomenological Study.” Supervisor: Dr. Joe Engemann.

Vanessa Mio (University of Windsor, 2011) “Foundational Learning and Rehabilitation: An Investigation of the Remedial Strategies of Postsecondary Violin Instructors.” Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Bayley.

Ewelina Niemczyk (Brock University, 2010) “A Case Study of Doctoral Research Assistantships: Access and Experiences of Full-Time and Part-Time Education Students.” Supervisor: Dr. Michelle McGinn.

Emily Root (Lakehead University, 2009) “Dis-placing Myself: Decolonizing a Settler Outdoor Environmental Education.” Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Korteweg.

Deborah Weston (Brock University, 2009) “Investigating the Relationships Between Teacher Identity Norms and Collaboration.” Supervisor: Dr. Coral Mitchell.

Deidre Wilson (University of Windsor, 2009) “On the Relationship Between Complexity Theory, Professional Learning, and Lesson Study in Intermediate Mathematics Classrooms.” Supervisor: Dr. Darren Stanley.


James Angus (Lakehead University, 2007) “Experienced Aboriginal Teachers’ Narratives in the Publicly Funded School System.” Supervisor: Dr. Juanita Epp.

Erin Cameron (Lakehead University, 2010) Throwing Their Weight Around: A Critical Examination of Faculty Experiences with Challenging Dominant Obesity Discourse in Post-Secondary Education.” Supervisor: Dr. Teresa Socha.

Katia Ciampa (Brock University, 2010) “Mobile Books: Effect of Engagement on Students’ Motivation and Cognitive Strategy Use.” Supervisor: Dr. Tiffany Gallagher.

Ismel Gonzalez (Lakehead University, 2007) “Rethinking Modern Languages and Cultures Instruction as Decolonizing Pedagogy.” Supervisor: Dr. Mary Clare Courtland.

Catharine Ann Kennerly (Brock University, 2003 “Metaphorical Interpretation: Measuring and Facilitating Growth.” Supervisor: Dr. Rosemary Young.

Amy Farrell-Morneau (Lakehead University, 2008) “Memengwaawid, to be a Butterfly: An Indigenous Exploration of Northwestern Ontario Anishinawbe and Muskego or Ininiw Sacred Stories and Teachings in a Contemporary Novel.” Supervisor: Dr. Judy Iseke.

Lori-Ann Goff (Brock University, 2010) “Conceptions of Quality and Approaches to Quality Assurance in Ontario’s Universities.” Supervisor: Dr. Louis Volante.

Chrispina Lekule (University of Windsor, 2010) “Investigating School Experiences of Vulnerable Children in Singida Tanzania: Challenges, Strategies and Possible Interventions.” Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Allen.

Catherine Longboat (Brock University, 2008 “Relationship Building with Aboriginal Elders in the Publicly Funded Secondary School Classroom: A Study of Ethical Space from an Aboriginal Persepective.” Supervisor: Dr. Michael Manley-Casimir.

Blair Niblett (Lakehead University, 2008) “Narrating Activist Education: Teachers’ Stories of Affecting Social and Political Change.” Supervisor: Dr. Gerald Walton.

Sarah Pashagumskum (Lakehead University, 2005). “First Nations Student Engagement in Secondary School: Enhancin Student Success in a Northern Eeyou Community”. Supervisor: Dr. Connie Russell.

Krista Pearson (Lakehead University, 2007). “Social Justice and Equity: Exploring the Perspectives of Senior Administrators on Whiteness and Racism in Post-Secondary Education.”. Supervisor: Dr. Seth Agbo.

Snezana Ratkovic (Brock University, 2007) “Teachers Without Borders: Exploring Experiences, Transitions, and Identities of Refugee Women Teachers from Yugoslavia.” Supervisor: Dr. Susan Tilley.

Kelly Rizzo (Brock University, 2007) “A Mixed-Method Study of Educator Knowledge and Practice Related to Student Socio-moral Development.” Supervisor: Dr. Sandra Bosacki.

Kael Sharman (University of Windsor, 2008) “Gender, Class and Curriculum at W.D. Lowe Technical Secondary School, 1923-1973. Supervisor: Dr. Larry Glassford.

Patrick Tierney (Brock University, 2011) “Perceptions of Adolescent Males and Their Parents as to Factors That Influence the Young Men’s Academic Performance.” Supervisor: Dr. David Hutchinson.

Michelle Turan (University of Windsor, 2007) “Family Perspectives on the Ontario Autism Intervention Program: A Multi-method Study.” Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Starr.

Rebecca Zak (Codack) (Brock Unviersity 2010) “Raising Creativity: Exploring How Creativity Can be Nurtured in Educational Contexts.” Supervisor: Dr. Jennifer Rowsell.


Brendan Browne (Brock University, 2007) “Inviting Leadership From a Belfast Bedroom: Invitational Theory in Contemporary Schools.” Supervisor: Dr. John Novak.

Louise Gonsalvez (University of Windsor, 2009) “Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Address the Gaps, Exclusions, and Oversights in Active Citizenship Education.” Supervisor: Dr. George Zhou.

Barbara Harrison (Brock University, 2008)  “Riffing on a Theme: Faculty Experiences With Service-Learning in a Food Security Research Network in Ontario.” Supervisor: Dr. Susan Drake.

Margot Heaton (University of Windsor, 2009) “An Examination of the Relationship between Professional Learning Community Variables and Teacher Self-Efficacy.” Supervisor: Dr. Glenn Rideout.

Jennifer Holm (Lakehead University, 2007). “Improving Mathematics Teaching through Professional Learning Groups.” Supervisor: Dr. Ann Kajander.

Gail Lafleur (Brock University, 2001) “Ojibwe Elders’ Experiences of Peace: To Teach Our Well-Being with the Earth.” Supervisor: Dr. Michael Manley Casimir.

Wendy Stienstra (Lakehead University, 2002) “Developing Understanding: Pre-service Elementary Teachers’ Changing Conceptions of Mathematics.” Supervisor: Dr. Alex Lawson.

Oscar Vincente (University of Windsor, 2006) “The Outdoor Environments of Elementary Schools: A Study of Schoolyards and Playgrounds in Windsor and Essex County.” Supervisor: Dr. George Zhou.

Georgann Watson (Brock University, 2007) “Part-Time University Teaching Work: A Self-Study.” Supervisor: Dr. Renee Kuchapski.


May Al Fartousi (Brock ​University, 2008) “Unveiling Shi’I Religious Identities: Case Studies of Hijab in Culturally Homogeneous Canadian School. Supervisor: Dr. Dolana Mogadime.

Anna Marie Aquino  (Lakehead University, 2005) “Preservice Teacher beliefs about Teaching Language Arts and Literacy.”  Supervisor: Dr. Mary Clare Courtland.

Mirjana Bajovic (Brock University, 2007) “Violent Video Game Playing, Moral Reasoning, and Attitudes Towards Violence in Adolescents: Is There a Connection?” Supervisor:  Dr. Anne Elliott.

Kate Cassidy (Brock University, 2006) “The Essence of Feeling a Sense of Community: A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry with Middle School Students and Teachers. Supervisor: Dr. Michelle McGinn.

Carolyn Maingot (Brock University, 2006) “Voices of the Undereducated in Adult Education and Training in Ontario: A Phenomenographic Approach.” Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kompf.

Michelle Servais (University of Western Ontario, 2003) “Understanding Teachers’ Information Needs, Perceived Competencies, and Information Seeking Behaviours for Special Education Information.” Supervisor: Dr. Robert Sandieson.

Carlos Zerpa (Lakehead University, 2008) “The Effect of Removing Examinees with Low Motivation on Item Response Data Calibration.” Supervisor: Dr. Christina VanBarneveld.


Anne Arthur (University of Windsor, 2003) “In Search of a Place to Be: Perspectives of Creative Adolescents on their First Years of High School.” Supervisor: Dr. Terry Sefton.

Randy Boyd (Lakehead University, 2003) “Welcome to the modern world, painted stick: postmodern magic in educational virtual reality.” Supervisor: Dr. Hope-Arlene Fennell.

Frances Chandler (Brock University, 2004) “Leadership and its Impact on the Success of Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Funded Collaborative Research Projects.” Supervisor: Dr. Michael Manley Casimir.

Jill Grose (Brock University, 2003) “TA tales: [Re]storying the Teaching and Learning Experiences of University Teaching Assistants.” Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kompf.

Mary Lovering (Brock University, 2006) “Beyond the Veil: A Case Study of Context, Culture, Curriculum, and Constructivism at Dubai Women’s College.” Supervisor: Dr. Ann Elliott.

Sylvia Moore (Lakehead University, 2005) “Trickster Chases the Tale of Education.” Supervisor: Dr. Judy Iseke.

Jan Oakley (Lakehead University, 2007) “Cutting Edge Controversy: The Politics of Animal Dissection and Responses to Student Objection. Supervisor: Dr. Connie Russell.

Sherry Ramrattan Smith (Brock University, 2005) “Critical Connections: Teachers Writing for Social Justice.” Supervisor: Dr. Susan Tilley.

Kathryn Storey (University of Western Ontario, 2004) A Critical Analysis of the Factors that Promote and Support Leadership and Advocacy for People with Lived Experience with Mental Health Problems or Illness.” Supervisor: Dr. Ronald Hansen.

David Telles-Langdon (University of Western Ontario, 2004) “A Descriptive Study Utilizing Grounded Theory: The Moral-Reasoning Process of Coaches.” Supervisor: Dr. Ellen Singleton.

Linda Weber (University of Western Ontario, 2004) “International Chinese and Canadian Students ‘ Experiences of Internationalization at a Canadian University.” Supervisor: Dr. Goli Rezai-Rashti.

Yi Zhou (University of Windsor, 2007) “A Study of Chinese University Teachers and Their Intercultural Competence Teaching.” Co-Supervisors: Dr. Jonathan Bayley and Dr. Shijing Xu.


Hilary Brown (Brock University, 2003) “I Must Walk Through the Gate: An Ontological Necessity.” Supervisor: Dr. Susan Drake.

Pamela Cook (University of Windsor, 2004) “Emergent Voices from an Orphanage School in Belize, Central America.” Supervisor: Dr. Kara Smith.

Ming (Bonny) Jung (University of Western Ontario, 2003) “The Professional Master ‘s Occupational Therapist: Developing an Emerging Professional Identity.” Supervisor: Dr. Carol Beynon.

Kevin Ker (Brock University, 2003) “A Case Study Investigation of the Learning Needs of the Niagara Grape and Wine Community.” Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kompf.

Laurie Leslie (Lakehead University, 2005) “Becoming a Literacy Teacher: From Teacher Preparation through the First Two Years of Literacy Teaching.” Supervisor: Dr. Mary Clare Courtland.

Jelena Magliaro (University of Windsor, 2006) “Comparing Information Literacy Needs of Graduate Students in Selected Graduate Programs through the Technology Acceptance Model and Affordance Theory.” Supervisor: Dragana Martinovic.

Mary Mallik (Lakehead University, 2002) “Multicultural Ways of Knowing: Reading the Kite Runner in a Grade 11 Class.” Supervisor: Dr. Mary Clare Courtland.

Sonya Pancucci (Brock University, 2002) “The Expression and Development of Teachers’ Capacities within Two Learning Communities: A Participant-Observer Case Study.” Supervisor: Dr. Coral Mitchell.


Janis Cox (Lakehead University, 2005) “Can Education be Healing?: Adult Women’s Motivations for and Experiences with University Education.” Supervisor: Dr. Hope-Arlene Fennell.

Leisa Desmoulins (Lakehead University, 2002) “E/raced: Aboriginal Youth Identities and Schooling.” Supervisor: Dr. Mary Clare Courtland.

Arlene Grierson (Brock University, 2004) “Show Me, Help Me, Let Me: Supporting Teachers’ Changing Conceptions of Reading Assessment and Reading Instruction.” Supervisor: Dr. Vera Woloshyn.

Yi Lin (University of Windsor, 2007) “Investigating Role-play Implementation: A Multiple Case Study on Chinese EFL Teachers Using Role-play in Their Secondary Classrooms.” Supervisor: Dr. Kara Smith.

Thinan Nakaprasit (Brock University, 2002) “Identifying Language Needs of ESL Students in a Canadian University Based English Language Program”. Supervisor: Dr. Merle Richards.

Karen Roland (University of Windsor, 2003) “Examining the Under-Representation of Aboriginal Scholars in the Ontario Professoriate: Policy Implications for Faculty Recruitment and Retention.” Supervisor: Dr. Benedicta Egbo.

Lan Zhong (University of Windsor, 2005) “Chinese Immigrant Parents’ Involvement in the Education of Their Elementary School Children in Windsor, Ontario: Perceptions and Practices.” Supervisor: Dr. Nombuso Diamini.


Debra Attenborough (Brock University, 2000) “Partnerships for Arts Integration: Exploring the Experiences of Teachers and Artists Working with Integrated Arts Programs.” Supervisor: Dr. Susan Drake.

Paul Berger (Lakehead University, 2004) “Inuit Vsions for Schooling in One Nunavut Community.” Supervisor: Dr. Connie Russell

John Guiney Yallop (Western University, 2003) “Out of place:  A poetic journey through the emotional landscape of a gay person’s identities within/without communities.”  Supervisor: Cornelia Hoogland

Suguna Loganathan (Brock University, 2001) “Emergence of Conscious Awareness of Underlying Verbal and Visual Rules Over Time in Moderate Closed-Head Trauma Patients.” Supervisor: Dr. Merle Richards.

Kimberly Maich (Brock University, 2002) “Opening a Can of Worms: Perceptions and Practices of Teachers in Newfoundland and Labrador Incorporating the Role of a Therapist.” Supervisor: Dr. Don Dworet.

Dirk Windhorst (Brock University, 2002) “Educating for Love of Wisdom: John Dewey and Simone Weil.” Supervisor: Dr. John Novak.


J. Brent Ellis (University of Windsor, 2005) “Special Education Teachers’ Perceptions of Barriers to Assistive Technology Integration in Ohio.” Supervisor: Dr. Jonathan Bayley.

Deanna Pecaski McLennan (University of Windsor, 2004) “Kinder-caring: Exploring the Use and Effects of Sociodrama in a Kindergarten Classroom.” Supervisor: Dr. Kara Smith.

Nicola Simmons (Brock University, 2004) “What’s the Difference Under the Gown? :New Professors’ Development as University Teachers.” Supervisor: Dr. Michael Kompf.


Nancy Fenton (Brock University, 2002) “From the Ground Up: Understanding how Teachers and Administrators Make Sense of Tension.” Supervisor: Dr. Coral Mitchell.

Kenneth McClelland (Brock University, 2001) “Opening Truth to Imagination: The Pragmatism of John Dewey and Richard Rorty.” Supervisor: Dr. John Novak.

Howard Slepkov (Brock University, 2000) “Teacher Professional Growth in an Authentic Learning Environment.” Supervisor: Dr. Jim Kerr.

Sheila Windle (University of Windsor, 2002) “Human Engagement: The English language learning process of Korean university students in Canada.” Supervisor: Dr. Andrew Allen.

Salah Zogheib (University of Windsor, 2003) “Explaining Computer use Among Preservice Teachers: Towards the Development of a Richer Conceptual Model Incorporating Experience, Demographic, Motivation, Personality, and Learning Style Clusters of Variables.” Supervisor: Dr. Larry Morton.


Tiffany Gallagher (Brock University, 2000) “An After-School Literacy Program :Investigating the Experiences of Students with Literacy Difficulties, heir Volunteer Tutors, and the Tutors’ Transition into the Teaching Profession.” Supervisor: Dr. Vera Woloshyn.

Scott Kissau (University of Windsor, 2001) “Gender Differences in Second Language Motivation.” Supervisor: Dr. Norm Diffey.

Glenn Rideout (University of Windsor, 2001) “An Examination of the Predictive Power of Demographic, Experiential and Philosophical Orientation Variable Clusters in Relation to Change and Stability of Pre-service Teachers’ Pupil Control Ideology.” Supervisor: Dr. Larry Morton.

Edward Sykes (Brock University, 2001) “Design, Development and Assessment of the Java Intelligent Tutoring System.” Supervisor: Dr. Rosemary Young.


Beth Daly (University of Windsor, 2001) “An Investigation of Empathy in Adults as a Function of Variables in Three Clusterings: Dispositional, Situational, and Biophilial.” Supervisor: Dr. Larry Morton.

Elena Qureshi (University of Windsor, 2001) “Investigation of factors affecting students’ satisfaction with online course components.” Supervisor: Dr. David Kellenberger.

Geraldine Salinitri (University of Windsor, 2000) “Teachers’ Interfaculty Mentorship Efforts: T.I.M.E. A Study Evaluating the Effects of a Formal Mentoring Program on First-Year At-Risk Students.” Supervisor: Dr. Larry Morton.

Jane Saunders (Lakehead University, 2000) “The Sound of Music: The Expert Teaching of Diane Garrett.”  Supervisor: Dr. Fiona Blaikie.